Diesel Diagnostics SSD DRIVE
Diesel Diagnostics SSD DRIVE

Diesel Diagnostics SSD DRIVE

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Turn your own laptop into a Diesel Scanner Tool!


If you already own a TOUGHBOOK, or any other Laptop and are looking for a cheaper way, this is it!!


The HDD Hard Drive/ SSD DRIVE comes with the same programs included in our laptops!


Compatible with most TOUGHBOOK and Laptops.


Once installed all we have to do is remotely activate it for you and you're set!




Minimum System requirements:


4GB of ram or more.


i3 core processor or higher is recommended.


we provide technical assistance!             


contact us with your Laptop or TOUGHBOOK model to verify if it is compatible! 


Software included: Click here.


Warranty:12 Month Waranty on software.


Tech Support: 12 Months included!